Colour Analysis

The purpose of Colour Analysis is to provide you with a range of the most flattering colours to help you look your best and coordinate your wardrobe.

During the session we will determine which colours enhance your natural skin tones. We do this by looking at the Depth, Clarity and Undertone of your defining characteristics. Using specially selected drapes, through the process of elimination we will determine which season you fall under.

You will learn how to use colour blocking to power dress, integrate into your daily work life or just have fun with.

How it will help you?

Instantly you will see the negative and positive affect different colours have on your appearance. Once we have established your ‘season’ we will provide you with an essential swatch booklet with all your most flattering colours, so when you’re out shopping you can easily refer to it so you are confident in your choices going forward.

Add this to the Wardrobe Styling service and you will be wearing the right colours and right pieces for your body shape and look amazing!

This session is a wonderful experience because you get to see the transformation happen in front of your very own eyes!


£150 for up to 2hrs


Wardrobe Styling & Colour Analysis booked together


Personal Shopping & Colour Analysis booked together


All three services booked together