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After ending a successful career in the Arts to become a full time mum of four, I understand how we can so easily forget about ourselves. Whatever our age 20 or 70, we can all lose our ‘mojo’. I have the knowledge, expertise and passion to teach you how to find your own style and how to embrace who you are with confidence.

True style is wearing something that you always feel a little bit special in and is a natural extension of who you are. Working together we can create your own personal style to help build your very own capsule wardrobe so you can wear clothes with confidence again!


Colour Analysis

Do you know the colours that enhance your
natural complexion?
Colour Analysis provides you with the most flattering colours to help you look your best.

Wardrobe Styling

Struggling to dress your body shape?
Do you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time? Wardrobe Styling will coordinate your wardrobe to save you time and money.

Personal Shopping

How often do you buy things and never wear them?
With my Personal Shopping service you will have a wardrobe full of pieces you look great in and can wear with confidence.

"When I booked the wardrobe styling and shopping day, I was hoping for a critical pair of eyes, a clear out and of course some fantastic new outfits that I would look great in. What I came away with however, was something far more valuable, renewed confidence, self-belief and a better understanding and acceptance of my body shape and how to dress it for maximum effect. Throughout the whole process, I felt listened to and more importantly that I was getting an honest but fair assessment of what was in my wardrobe. Judi taught me how to focus on highlighting the best parts of my body and with a bit of gentle help, I was quickly able to start self-identifying which clothes were right for my body shape and which were not. The shopping day was great fun and I felt like a celeb trying on different outfits, having things swapped over and changed so quickly and efficiently until we found the right combination of great pieces. We also made some great savings on some designer labels which was brilliant. My renewed confidence gave me a filter to focus on certain types of clothes and it makes the whole shopping experience far more efficient and frankly more enjoyable. I have a wardrobe now that will last for years so it is well worth the upfront investment of time and money. When I returned home from the shopping day and was doing a fashion show for the kids, my daughter looked at me with such pride and told me how thrilled she was to have a “cool mum”. Thank you, Judi, you have done so much more for me than just giving me a few new outfits!"

Liz Peasey
Executive Director, Global Head of HR Solutions, JPMorgan

"I hadn’t thought about having colour analysis done until someone mentioned Judi Lockard. I knew she was a Stylist and offered colour analysis as one of her services. As a successful working actor my appearance is very important to me, not only when auditioning for a part but also in my day to day wear. Although I’m fortunate to be given top designer wear for film premieres and red carpet functions, I’ve never really thought about colour. Now I will. Thank you Judi for your professional advice, who knows what colour the next Spiderman will be?"

"Working with the lovely Judi was brilliant from start to finish. She’s a complete professional and quickly understood what I needed to add to and subtract from my existing wardrobe. Apart from being incredibly tactful, she also managed the impossible task of coaxing me out of my all-black wardrobe and into colour, which was a feat in itself! Shopping together was fun, affordable and speedy since Judi had done her homework researching the shops beforehand finding pieces to suit me. She found me some fabulous simple, stylish, but super-practical clothes which take me from doing the school run, walking the dog and then straight onto a client meeting or into the kitchen to do a food photography shoot. It’s great to have the wallet of colour swatches and to finally know how to dress for my shape and season. I can’t wait to hit the shops on my own!"

Lorna Wing
Food Writer & Food Consultant

"I am a retired, 62 year old, banker. Bit of a magpie in that I loved all things bright and shiny (especially in clothes) but always wondered why I bought an exceptional number of outfits which hung unloved and unworn. With trepidation I awaited Judi’s arrival not knowing what to expect. She immediately put me at ease, explained the whole process and found humour in everything whilst being constructive. With the colour analysis she found colours that suited me, some expected – some not. Although I didn’t realise the background to why I didn’t like myself in certain colours, Judi explained that the colours were wearing me, rather than them being a natural extension of me – big difference! Now knowing I am an Autumn, the attention turned to shape and wardrobe. For a woman, there is a great worry of letting someone rifle through your wardrobe. Let’s face it sometimes it is not the most tidy of places! Judi made sure I wasn’t under any pressure and we had such a fun time – culminating 42 items on my bed that needed to go – some with tags still on. Judi gave guidance in a really enjoyable and humorous way. I have to say the whole experience was well worth it and found it fascinating and liberating. I feel confident now knowing that my colours suit me and have a colour swatch of my specific colours which I now keep with me at all times. With my colour swatch, and knowledge of my body shape, I have learnt, thanks to Judi, what suits me best – and that saves time and money. No going back. Thank you Judi"

Catherine Crouch
Retired Banker

"I would highly recommend Judi's Styling Services. My husband bought me a Colour Analysis and Wardrobe session as a present after I mentioned that I needed some guidance to boost my confidence in my appearance. Having taken a career break 3 years ago, I seemed to find myself in jeans and a black top every morning. Judi made me feel very at ease right from the start. She has a very empathic manner, and I felt as if she understood me straight away. I will always remember her saying that what is important about her sessions is that her clients acquire not just a capsule wardrobe but an understanding of their true body shape and how to dress it. After the colour analysis, I bought the swatch book which saves me time when I am shopping as I only try on colours that are within my season. The Wardrobe session was great as I must have put 50% of my clothes in the charity bag. Surprisingly there were a couple of items I had bought, and not worn, that Judi assured me were the right colour and shape for me. This gave me the confidence to wear them and I immediately received loads of compliments!! I had a very positive and fun experience with Judi and have been recommending her to all my friends ever since."

Brenda Edwards

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